WeChat Customer Service WeChat Customer Service


CUP Data WeChat Customer Service, based on WeChat official account platform, provides CUP Data clients with a series of inquiry and interactive services, including access to CUP Data staff, service cases, knowledge pool, regulatory policies, document inquiry, etc. It also provides clients with a portal for suggestions and comments, and posts announcement notices of CUP Data. CUP Data WeChat Customer Service is an important supplement to the existing customer service system of CUP Data, an important means to improve customer service quality and efficiency, and the latest exploration of CUP Data to implement the “attentive, heart-warming service” concept and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Service Platform Service Platform

CUP Data Service Platform serves as a platform for clients to submit questions and demands. After submission, the system will automatically transfer what has been submitted to a preset staff. During the course of demands processing, clients can track and check progress of the processing at any time and make a comment on the service after it is over.

CUP Data’s View of Cards CUP Data’s View of Cards

CUP Data’s View of Cards, the WeChat official account of CUP Data, has been deeply focused on the credit card industry, and dedicated to providing readers with the latest industry news, industry peers development, business practice guidance, case studies and other creative contents. Its regular columns such as CUP Data Index, Weekly News, and How to Become a Credit Card Sales Elite are well welcomed, and its original articles have been re-posted by more than a hundred WeChat official accounts.

CUP Data Index CUP Data Index

In order to evaluate credit card business performance of regional banks in a scientific way and help banks evaluate their own business performance, CUP Data rolls out Credit Card Development Index of Regional Banks, or CUP Data Index (UPDIndex®) for short, on the basis of its R&D strength in credit cards. CUP Data Index contains six dimensions (earning power, risk management, business scale, customer loyalty, rate of development, and limit management) and 22 indicators. CUP Data Index, released on a monthly basis since 2014, reflects the overall situation of this industry as well as the development of banks, and has now become an important reference for the credit card business of more than 100 regional banks. The index provides objective, authentic and comparable industry data, and accordingly offers strong support to senior management of banks .

Tracing Tracing

The companyconducts client satisfaction survey annually and makes improvement plan basedon the results so as to improve customer service.

Security Assurance Security Assurance

  • Operation System

    CUP Datahas set up an operation system consisting of Shanghai Production Center, alocal disaster recovery center and a remote disaster recovery center. ShanghaiProduction Center is located in Shanghai Information Center of China UnionPayand equipped with a complete set of facilities including two power supplycircuits, two units of emergency generators, two UPS batteries that backup eachother, two redundant air conditioners, fire alarm system and gas fire-extinguishingsystem. The advanced environment monitoring system in the center monitors thefacilities 24/7, ensuring high availability of equipment in the machine room.The remote disaster recovery center is situated in Beijing Information Centerof China UnionPay and the local center in Shanghai GDS Waigaoqiao Free TradeZone Data Center Cluster. These three centers are interconnected via high-speedleased lines and the data replication technology is applied to ensureconsistency of business data. The disaster recovery capability of the centers hasmet Level 5 of GB20988-2007-T NationalStandard on Disaster Recovery of Information Security Technology andInformation System.

  • Information Security Management

    CUP Data takesa series of measures on information security control, including informationsecurity policy making, visit control, intrusion prevention, data backup,business continuity, capacity monitoring and troubleshooting. Since 2009, thecompany has passed annual national information system security assessment(Level 3) organized by the Internet Security Bureau of Public SecurityMinistry. CUP Data sets up a management mechanism for the continuousimprovement of information security management measures, guaranteesconfidentiality, integrity and availability of data in core card-issuing systemsand peripheral systems and prevents data destruction, change and leakage due tovicious intrusion, thus minimizing impact of security accidents on business.

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